Test preparation, Equipment Use, and Comprehensive Report

(Fixed rate per tower or service)

Includes normal test equipment use and calibration, pretest contacts and preparation, office expenses such as telephone, faxes, and postage, and a comprehensive test report including labor and reproduction.

Type of Test Service Performed First Tower Extra Tower
On towers below 5,000 gpm $700 $600 each
On towers 5,000 to 50,000 gpm $900 $700 each
On towers greater than 50,000 gpm $1100 $800 each
CTI Mandated Test Registration Fee (per tower) $250 $250 each
Separate measurement services such as water flow, air flow or sound $500 $400 each
Additional expenses such as materials, equipment, or subcontracted services not normally provided by CTTA Cost + 15% Cost + 15%