Professional Services

Includes all labor required to perform on-site test activities, travel time to and from the test site, and any office time required for special calculations beyond those normally needed to document the test results.

CTTA Test Engineer $180 per man-hr
CTTA Supplementary Technician $130 per man-hr


(Prorated to the nearest one-half day)

Includes meals, lodging, telephone, laundry, tips and other expenses incurred while at the test site and traveling to or from the test site, in accordance with the IRS average per diem for non high-cost areas.

CTTA Test Engineer or CTTA Supplementary Technician $195 per man-day


(Prorated if more than one job is completed per trip)

Includes air fare, car rental, truck rental, taxi or mileage as required to and from test site or at the test site; and, air freight or excess baggage and baggage tips as required for equipment shipping.

CTTA Test Engineer or CTTA Supplementary Technician Cost + 15%

For Additional Information, Cost Estimates or to Schedule Test Services, Contact CTTA.