CTTA’s 2019 Status

Cooling Tower Tests Associates (CTTA) was founded to provide cooling tower test services by Nicholas M. Stich, Kullin W. Elliott and Thomas E. Weast. They have provided all of the testing services required for CTI STD-201 for 1992-2013. CTTA will continue to provide STD-201 test services in 2019 and beyond as one of several CTI licensed certification test agencies. STD-201 tests must be coordinated through the CTI Certification Administrator. CTTA is pleased to continue providing its many man-years of cooling tower test experience as independent, third-party, cooling tower test engineers for CTI STD-201 Certification testing.


Starting in 2014, CTI Thermal Certification Administration Services will be provided by Clean Air Engineering and their Mr. Michael Womack will serve at the CTI Certification Administrator. For additional information contact:

Michael Womack
Thermal Certification Administrator
c/o Clean Air Engineering
Mailto: TCAS@cleanair.com

A copy of the CTI STD-201OM and STD-201RS may be obtained from CTI by following this link.

Additional helpful information regarding the certification program and a copy of CTI STD-201, Appendix E – Data of Record (in Microsoft Excel .xls format), may be obtained by following this link.


The Cooling Technology Institute (CTI), based in Houston, Texas, is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to advocating and promoting the use of environmentally responsible evaporative heat transfer systems for the benefit of the public. The CTI encourages the wise use of the earth’s water resources through education, research, standards development and verification, interaction with government agencies, and technical information exchange.

Since 1962 the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) thermal certification program for evaporative cooling equipment has been the recognized standard in the industry. The CTI Certification Standard STD-201 applies to Mechanical Draft Evaporative Heat Rejection Equipment such as cooling towers, closed circuit coolers and evaporative refrigerant condensers where the thermal capacity is selected from published ratings. Upon successful completion of the process and testing of selected models within the line, the CTI will certify that all models of the line will perform thermally in accordance with the manufacturer’s published ratings. Each tested and certified line will be provided with a certification validation number, and the manufacturer may display the CTI Certified label on those products, and use this designation in their catalogs and other advertising materials.

In 1991, the CTI Board of Directors established the position of CTI Certification Administrator to oversee the certification program. The CTI Certification Administrator assures that thermal certification activities are conducted in accordance with the certification standard operations manual CTI STD-201OM, certification performance rating CTI STD-201RS, applicable CTI Test Codes, and the Thermal Certification Program requirements. Mr. Thomas E. Weast, currently with Cooling Tower Test Associates (CTTA), was the designated Certification Administrator for 1992-2013.